I Joined MBB Consulting at the age of 34

Imagine how I felt joining one of the most prestigious consulting firms.

I was terrified!

I experienced constant stress and anxiety. I felt that I was not smart enough for this job.

I struggled in some areas - like slide creation and Excel modeling. But in others, I was quite comfortable and even excelled - such as client management, project management, and business acumen.

It took me 2-3 years to figure out the rules of the game and become more comfortable. Eventually, a few kind people cared enough to teach me how to improve my work and navigate the firm.

In the first few years, I decided to throw myself into the most challenging situations, testing myself across different industries, locations, cultures, and leadership teams.

I aimed to become truly versatile, capable of working in any situation and solving any problem. Adaptability was the key theme during my first few years in consulting.

And I got what I wanted. I failed so many times and made all sorts of mistakes, but I learned a lot.

On the positive side, I've had an incredible journey and have worked in various locations and cultures, in 10 countries on four continents.

However, when I became a Manager, my strengths really began to kick in. Skills like leadership, people management, and maturity started to set me apart from others.

After all these years, I've finally found my true spike and passion: developing exceptional people.

It naturally happened that I coached and mentored many people in the firm. I had this internal motivation to share everything I learned to pay forward for all the support I got, but also prevent all unnecessary pain and stress among new generations of consultants.

This newsletter is a natural evolution of this work. I noticed that my advice became repetitive. I tell consultants the same things again and again.

I decided to structure my thoughts in this format. And the next time a new consultant asks me some coaching questions, I just share relevant posts with them.

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I joined MBB Consulting at 34 and have worked there for 9 years. My learning journey was challenging, and I made millions of mistakes. Now, I am on a mission to help a new generation of consultants have a better experience.


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